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NUI partner Ideum installs Multitouch Table and Mapping Exhibit

Natural User Interface's (NUI) partner Ideum installed a multitouch table and mapping exhibit.


Ideum, using NUI Suite Snowflake's vision tracking software, installed their first multitouch table at the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo, Texas. The touch table is right in the entranceway to the museum near a large satellite photograph of Amarillo and its’ environs.

The table runs a custom mulituser, multitouch application Ideum developed with the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Vulcan Park and Museum. This multitouch mashup application uses Flickr and Yahoo! Maps. There is more on the design and software development process on the Ideum portfolio.

The video below shows some of the features found in the application.

The press came out to see the exhibit. The local newspaper and all three network news channels showed up. Below DHDC’s Executive Director, Joe Hastings got interviewed by the local press.


Ideums next installation is in two weeks in Birmingham, Alabama. Where they are going to install another table along with two multitouch enabled HP TouchSmart kiosks, powered by NUI Suite Snowflake, which is running on any NextWindow hardware platform.

Ideums original URL: http://www.ideum.com/blog/2009/02/19/multitouch-table-and-mapping-exhibit-install/