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NUI OEM Partner Ideum releases new robust multi-touch table with NUI Suite Snowflake

Update Friday 6 Feb:
NUI and Ideum also hit PC Magazine (PC Mag) http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2340474,00.asp

Update Thursday 5 Feb:
NUI and Ideum hit Engadget and Slashgear

Ideum, an US based company, focusing on delivering interactive multimedia solutions to exhibitions and museums, announced a new product, just after they signed an OEM Partnership agreement with Natural User Interface.

Visitors to the Don Harrington Discovery Center interact with the table and one another.

Ideums new product is called the mt2 Table, which is a multi-touch multi-user, high definition, 50" diagonal robust interactive table, which consists out of high grade components and with it's size, it beats the Microsoft Surface.

With the OEM Partnership, Ideum emphasizes on the importance of having a reliable software solution like NUI Suite Snowflake, integrated on their own hardware platform.

In addition to delivering NUI Suite Snowflake on the mt2 Table, Ideum also develops their own in Flash developed multi-touch applications that run on the vision tracking solution built in, into Snowflake.

Because of the fact that NUI has integrated FLOSC now inside Snowflake, FLOSC becomes obsolete, with the result that we cut out one important step in the communication process between the tracking software and the Flash applications, which warrants higher speed performance.

You can find more information about the mt2 Table from Ideum in the brochure, spec sheet and video, on the Ideum website.