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NUI Twitter Highlights of last week

You can find NUI's Twitter atwww.twitter.com/multitouch

UK based Arcstream AV engages into OEM agreement with Natural User Interface
(Press release can be found here http://www.natural-ui.com/aboutnui/news2009.html

NUI gives away a free Ipod Touch to one of the best contributors of NUI Group David Wallin, writer of Touchlib

DB Systems and Arcstream demonstrated NUI Suite Snowflake on their interactive multitouch surface walls in the UK

Got contacted by a computer magazine that planned to do an article on Microsoft Surface and they wanted to mention NUI in it as well.

Just blogged about two years of multitouch.nl

Alex Ciorapciu from Adobe held a talk at the design crowd in Cologne where he covered multi-touch technology and NUI as well.