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NUI mentioned in Computer Sweden as a Swedish alternative to Microsoft Surface

Computer Sweden, a leading Swedish IT magazine, today dedicated an article to NUI's offering, of a Swedish alternative to Microsoft Surface.

The article (in Swedish), can be found here: http://computersweden.idg.se/2.2683/1.208427


A small company in Skellefteå began last year to sell a pressure sensitive screen for table mounting.

At a speech in Hong Kong in summer 2008 Bill Gates preached about a revolution in user interfaces that he called Natural User Interface, NUI. His message was that NUI in the future will replace all existing technologies in interaction with computers.

But Swedish Natural User Interface, based in Skellefteå was established already in 2007. The company has developed a product, NUI Horizon, which is similar to Microsoft Surface and Smart Technologies Smart Table. Even in this case used multi touch technology but NUI has a screen on the entire 40 inches while the surface is only 30 inches.

Harry van der Veen, CEO of Natural User Interface Europe, believes that the main difference between Microsoft and the product is that Horizon can be integrated with many different platforms.

- Microsoft's choice of Silverlight platform will close out many third-party developers who would rather invest in Adobe Flash, says Harry van der Veen.

He says that the company recently invested a lot in the platform NUI Suite Snowflake and the mass production of NUI Horizon will start now in the spring.