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NUITech Twitter updates

Below a summary of the Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITech) (formerly known as Natural User Interface Europe AB) Twitter updates

You can find NUITech’s Twitter at www.twitter.com/multitouch where you can keep track of operational updates from NUITech related to multitouch technology.

Just saw the pre release of Snowflake Suite 1.6 and the vision tracking has become ridiculously fast, looking forward to send it out soon

Grabbing my suitcase for a trip to London to meet one of NUITech's close partners

Just received the invitation for the gala dinner for the Stevie Awards, to receive our recognition for Snowflake Suite

Natural User Interface Europe AB introduces new branding, after venture capital injection

Working on an extremely fast solution for a connection between Flash applications and Snowflake Suite

Just finished up a project for a partner in Thailand

Natural User Interface assists the Public Utilities Board (PUB) in Singapore, pics and news item online http://www.multitouch.nl/

Our talented colleague Sharath Patali from India, that will be joining us here in Sweden shortly, passed his GSOC midterm evaluations

Sent out Snowflake Suite 1.6 Alpha to a small group of close partners

Natural User Interface Europe AB honored in sixth Annual International Business Awards

Just received the official certificate of the European trademark for "Natural User Interface" in addition to the Swedish trademark

Snowflake Suite now also supports Windows 7 for Nextwindow

Natural User Interface serves Singapore Changi Airport with multitouch technology, see pics and news item @ www.multitouch.nl

Saw Snowflake Suite running today with 4 cameras on our vision tracking software, looks nice.

Snowflake Suite with advanced Nextwindow support for multiple screens, see the videos at http://www.multitouch.nl/

Just finished dual Nextwindow screen support for Snowflake, connecting 2 NW screens, supporting 4 touches

Currently working on projects in USA, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Upcoming week our Polish Software Engineers will be coming to the Natural User Interface headquarters in Skelleftea, Sweden for 2 weeks.

New German Software Engineer intern will start at Natural User Interface in September for a 6 month period

Dagens Industri, Swedens #1 business magazine's article on venture capital investment in NUI online (Swedish only) http://tinyurl.com/mlk3mz

Saw the latest version of Snowflake for rear cam based solutions and it has an interesting performance increase, v1.6 will be released soon

Natural User Interface Europe AB featured in Dagens Industri, #1 business magazine in Sweden, regarding new venture capital injection

Natural User Interface Europe AB secures first round investment from Savingbank of Norrland foundation for Venture Capital

Natural User Interface Europe AB partners with N-trig, find the press release here: http://bit.ly/18lxil

Natural User Interface recently finished up a multi-touch software customization job for a client in Dubai

Several pictures of the Formula 1 event in Kuala Lumpur, where Natural User Interface served Ferrari http://tinyurl.com/mot2ps

Natural User Interface featured on Reuters website: http://bit.ly/13uu0a
Natural User Interface successfully partnered with Bredbandsbolaget on a future technology event in Stockholm using Snowflake for Nextwindow

Peter Bomark, involved in Research and Development at Natural User Interface held a presentation for the local university on the tech

Snowflake Suite integration on gorgeous 100" multi-touch table by partner Ideum

Natural User Interface invited for Sign Scandinavia - Digital Signage 4-6 November 2009

Natural User Interface assists SingTel with iMedia launch, see the pictures and the story at http://www.multitouch.nl/

Latest Horizon arrived for the demo room

SID was a success for our partner N-trig, heading home to Sweden again tomorrow

Just contracted a new software engineer for Natural User Interface

N-trig and Natural User Interface at Business Wire http://tinyurl.com/qejxnq

Just returned from N-trig party, was fun!

Placed a bunch of pictures on my blog of the N-trig booth, you can find them at www.multitouch.nl

Going to the N-trig party tonight in San Antonio

Visited SID today where our partner N-trig demonstrated Snowflake Suite on their DuoSense platform, see promo video http://tinyurl.com/ogz5rz

Just finished with 2 new multi-touch applications for Snowflake, that will be included in the 1.6 release.

Snowflake Suite now also being used in banks in the financial sector

Waiting at Stockholm airport for my flight to Atlanta and San Antonio for SID

Natural User Interface Europe AB's partner N-trig will be demonstrating Snowflake Suite on their platform at SID in San Antonio, USA

Natural User Interface Europe AB inspires Microsoft with Wong application http://tinyurl.com/paf6cg

Currently working on projects in USA, Singapore, Brazil and Dubai

Installed a 67" multi-touch wall in our office as a demo set

Find Nyteknik article about Natural User Interface Europe AB here (Swedish only): http://bit.ly/17srz5

Natural User Interface Europe AB on the cover of Nyteknik, a Swedish technology magazine

Brought the fussball table to the office upstairs, me - intern 10 - 0, Daniel Ekroth officially in the hall of shame.