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Natural User Interface's OEM partner Ideum launches new and improved multi-touch table

Natural User Interface Technologies AB's OEM partner Ideum launched their new and improved MT-50 multi-touch table.

Ideum integrates NUITech's multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite, on their MT-50 multi-touch tables.

The MT-50 Table, bundled with GestureWorks and NUITech Snowflake software is a powerful development platform for creating the next generation of computer-based interactive exhibits.

Download the MT-50 Table Specifications (Updated: 8-11-09) (837kb), here: http://www.ideum.com/downloadables/MT50_Spec_8-11-09.pdf

Download the Ideum press release here: http://www.ideum.com/downloadables/mt-press-release-8-20-09.pdf

Snowflake Suite is commercially available for rear camera based solutions and NextWindow. A free trial version of Snowflake Suite for the NextWindow can be downloaded from the NUITech website, located at www.natural-ui.com.

Snowflake will also become available for other multi-touch hardware technology platforms, like N-trig and others.