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Snowflake Suite 1.6 release + free trial download for NextWindow

Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITech) has released Snowflake Suite 1.6 for NextWindow and rear camera based multi-touch solutions.



Newly added:
+ Complete new multi-touch puzzle application
+ Replaced Camera orientation, Barrel distortion (checkerboard), and Corner input mapping steps with a point-to-point calibration in TouchCore calibration
+ True multi camera support (3, 4 and more cameras)
+ Flash components and instruction videos
+ Multiple NextWindow screens support (connect unlimited number of NextWindow screens together)
+ License machine info printer
+ Flash LocalConnection and added it to NextWindowOSC
+ Screensaver with option to close applications
+ Light evening (to undercatch uneven light with DI setups) (making masking unnecessary)
+ Settable osc output framerate for Touch Core
+ Camera Fps settable in calibration
+ New input markers
+ F1 Version numbering
+ F2 Rendering fps counter
+ Camera/tracker fps counter
+ Global input mapping (when cropping projected image)
+ Open PDF in Adobe reader functionality implementation
+ Error message when a user tries to enter calibration mode without TouchCore having found any cameras

+ General interaction design of the calibration module
+ Rendertextures saving
+ Graphics for the calibration module
+ General graphics
+ Manuals
+ Camera crop
+ Filters to work with light evening
+ Tracker optimization (60 fps)
+ Special Effects applications
+ Installer procedure

+ Transferring IDs between cameras when finger moves between cameras
+ Minor license dialog issue
+ Support PT Grey Dragonfly camera
+ Several issues with crashes caused by the CMU camera interface
+ Problem with video audio being too low
+ Video support in Flow
+ Stretching issues in 3D Viewer
+ Overlap dual camera transferring finger ID issue