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firewire sweetness


We ordered a new camera for our research. It's the Unibrain Fire-i™ Digital Board Camera. And this baby is sweet. After having thoroughly tested the Philips SPC900NC, we definitely wanted to test out a firewire cam, because of the general knowledge of a firewire cam being faster then a USB cam. Don't get me wrong. The Philips SPC900NC is a very nice camera, but this one is just better :) We don't have specific benchmarks, but we clearly notice a better performance of this unit over the Philips one. So it's definitely worth the few extra green.

Here are the specs:

  • 400Mbps 1394a, IIDC v1.04 DCAM spec. compliance
  • Uncompressed VGA picture up to 30 fps
  • Square pixels, ¼” CCD
  • Full frame electronic shutter with progressive scanning
  • On-board 6 pin 1394a port and power jack input 8-30V DC
  • Second 6 pin 1394a port on removable daughter board
  • Standard lens base M12x0.5 (lens not included)
  • Small size and very low power consumption
  • Embedded hardware license for Unibrain’s
    Fire-i™ Software & SDK.

Here's a link to the specific URL.

The nice thing is, you can order all kinds of lenses with it. So also lenses without a coating that blocks infrared light or even fish eye lenses, which are very interesting because of the short distance between the unit and the screen.

Of course the image is distorted, but it's very likely that this can be adjusted by software.

We might also be testing the Firefly MV or the Dragonfly MV firewire cam, in the near future. I'll keep you posted.