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Cheaper shipping costs for silicone rubber / firewire cam / tft's

We have shipped our first orders to the States and within Europe. We got more orders for these silicone rubber compliant surface overlays, so we will be busy with producing them the upcoming days.

We found out, that we can ship our silicone rubber compliant surface overlays in enveloppes instead of cardboard tubes. Therefore the shipping costs within Europe for sheets of around 50*50 cm is about 9 EUR instead of 19 EUR. Therefor shipping to the United States is also cheaper.

See the following URL for prices for shipping within Europe. Prices are in Swedish krones. To calculate the amount of EUR, roughly devide by 10.

See the following URL for prices for shipping outside Europe.

A sheet of 80 * 60 weighs about 550 grams.

We also tested the firewire webcam we ordered and we are happy with the performance. It seems to work better then for example the Philips SPC900NC, which is a USB cam. We are going to continue our research with this camera. Especially the fish eye lens is very interesting, because you can shorten the distance from the camera to the screen alot. Eventhough the image is distorted, it should be possible to adjust this with software.

We will soon order more Rosco Grey rear projection screen and other camera's as well.

We will also extend our research into making TFT's compatible for multitouch.