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Testing different rear projection screens


We received 4 samples of rear projection screen from Teknilux in Sweden. Eventhough the black sample had a very nice image (a bit better then the other 3), it was totally useless with the silicone rubber sheet. No blobs at all. The 3 other samples worked very well. But the material is less sturdy opposed to the Rosco Grey, because it's rather thin compared to the Rosco. Also you get less blinded by the projector with the Rosco opposed to the other samples. But the 4 samples are rather cheap compared to the Rosco. We ordered a new shipload of Rosco Grey, which should be coming beginning next week, for the distribution with our DIY Kits. Also we will be receiving different Rosco rear projection screen samples to do some testing on.

For now Rosco Grey is still the way to go, according to us.

We provide a special Rosco Grey rear projection screen / Silicone rubber compliant surface overlay sheet combo for the price of 70 EUR for a 70*50 cm. Shipping is FREE (We ship worldwide). So basically you get the perfect combination for on top of the acrylic to generate clear useable blobs. This is an one time offer for these dimensions only and only valid for the upcoming 7 days.

The Rosco Grey is the layer, where the image if projected on. The silicone rubber sheet is placed below the Rosco Grey and on top if the acrylic for a better optical performance of your multitouch setup.

We only sell the combo's, so no loose Rosco Grey. But they are provided with the DIY Kits.

You can place your order here