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Turkish edition of multitouch software Snowflake, by TOUCH Furniture

NUITEQ's Turkish partner TOUCH Furniture, created the below video of the Turkish version of multitouch software Snowflake.

In some parts of the video, custom content, such as brochures and TOUCH Furniture's own graphics are used, to create their own unique branded look and feel.

This is accomplished simply by replacing the default content with alternative content, without the need of programming. Change images, backgrounds, logos, colours and settings in a matter of minutes.

Snowflake comes out of the box with several languages pre-installed and users can add their own languages and edit texts with the easy to use Configurator.

Create uniquely branded interactive experiences for your company or your customers, using the award-winning multitouch software platform Snowflake.

Snowflake offers 70+ multitouch apps, across its different editions. Learn more about these different editions here.

Download a free evaluation of Snowflake here and request a temporary trial license today via mail@nuiteq.com.