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Multitouch software Snowflake 4.3.1 update released

Yesterday we released multitouch software Snowflake 4.3.1.

Existing customers, resellers and partners can update cost free.

Interested to evaluate Snowflake? Request your temporary evaluation license key today at no cost.

You can download Snowflake here.

Below you find the change log / release notes:

4.3.1 6 August 2014
- Added “tap to quit” option in the screensaver app (on by default)
- Added tab key switching between input fields to onscreen keyboard
- Added option to set which folder to use as Media folder in Media application
- Added updated Photobooth version to the OS X version
- Improved UX in Configurator, Aliens, Browser, Bullseye, Couronne, Curling, Deflector, Froggy, Fussball, FX, Guestbook, Hotspot, Labyrinth, Memory, MyFeed, PDF, Photobooth, Pinball, Pool, Puzzle, Quiz, Runway, Twitter, Warp, Whiteboard, Youtube and Zong
- Fixed tiny bug in Labyrinth with player selection
- Fixed tiny puck stuck bug in Airhockey 4 player mode
- Fixed minor interaction bug in Draw, Whiteboard and Video Draw
- Fixed bug in Annotation related to marker selection
- Fixed bug in Media related to external folders
- Fixed bug in Configurator related to setting corner menu saving
- Fixed a rare save path bug in Draw and Whiteboard
- Fixed crashes in Whiteboard, Draw, Puzzle, PDF, Runway, Pool
- Fixed crash and minor bug in Bullseye
- Fixed language bug related to Snowflake Entertainment Plus
- Fixed tiny memory leaks in Quiz, Aliens, Bugs, Couronne, Froggy, Gravitoy, Piano, Quiz, Slider, Tracer, Video Draw, Warp and Youtube
- Other general improvements and fixes related to the the Snowflake core

Snowflake has seen over 45 public releases in over 7 years of development. You can check out the long list of improvements in the change logs / release notes here.

We hope you enjoy this new release.

On behalf of the entire NUITEQ team,