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Interactive infopoint and wayfinding solution based on the Snowflake Suite multitouch software platform and 3M multitouch display technology for Campus Skellefteå

Nuiteq Campus Skellefteå from multitouch software on Vimeo.

Campus Skellefteå (CS), which is home to NUITEQ's headquarters, appointed us, to create an engaging interactive experience for its visitors that should function as an infopoint (point of interest POI) as well as wayfinding solution.

We developed the multitouch software solution for this project and choose our partners Telac and Concept Solutions to deliver two interactive multitouch kiosks, which were very nicely integrated with a 21,5" display with 3M's multitouch technology.

CS receives many national and international visitors, ranging from students to politicians and businesses.

CS wants to offer visitors, an interactive info point, where CS can share information about activities at the campus area with its visitors.

In addition to this solution being an easy to update information distribution channel, it can also be used for wayfinding, so that people more easily find their exact destination at campus, reducing lost time and avoiding annoyance and actually delight the visitors.

Home screen / main interface


Weather and date/time widget
The main home interface highlights the campus area. On the right side of the screen users see a widget that show the time, date, day, temperature and weather forecast for the day itself and the next day.

Top banner
In the top of the interface, there's a customisable banner with movable text which contains a welcoming message. Alternatively it can contain a RSS feed with for example latest news.

Restaurant Menu
On the left hand side, visitors can select and look at the different menu's of the day and week for several of the restaurants that are located at campus.

Social media integration - Twitter
The center of the touchscreen shows the twitter streams of the Luleå Technical University and Umeå University, as both universities have buildings at the campus area, so people can stay up to date on the latest information of both uni's.

Multi language support
As the campus attracts many foreign visitors, we integrated multi language support, so that in addition to Swedish, people can easily change the language to English.

In the bottom of the interface, users can navigate to the different sections that the solution has to offer including, Wayfinding, Campus Media (support for images, videos and PDF brochures), Internet (multitouch browser to visit your favourite sites), Google Maps, Transportation (airport, bus & taxi), Accommodation (hotels) and Entertainment (games).

The solution shows you exactly where on the campus you are located. You can also find out, in which building you find restaurants, the gym, companies, educational institutes etc.

When clicking on the buildings, you find a floor plan to help you with your navigation, so that you quickly and with ease find the location that you are looking for.


Campus Media
In the media section, visitors can find pictures of different categories such as Students, Campus and Research. Additionally there is support for PDF brochures as well as videos. Use your fingertips to make gestures to zoom in and out of images, pan around, select and investigate in further detail what CS has to offer.


Multitouch web browser
The multitouch web browser gives visitors the ability to quickly navigate to several highlighted websites, including the campus library, Campus Skellefteå, the student association, Luleå Technical University, Umeå University, Skellefteå Municipality and Destination Skellefteå.

Additionally users can navigate to their favourite websites like for example Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, CNN and other sites, by using the onscreen keyboard.


Google Maps
Included in the solution is also a multitouch interface to Google Maps, which gives visitors the possibility to navigate the campus area, Skellefteå city and surrounding areas. You can navigate to any city or country around the world.

Zoom in and out with hand gestures and pan around to explore areas of your interest.


Check the Skellefteå airport website, to find the latest info about arrival and departure times. Learn more about local bus transportation or quickly find the phone number for a taxi.


Just arrived in town and want to find a place to stay the night? Have a look at the hotels that the city has to offer and you can even book a room on the fly.


Gaming / entertainment
In addition to this solution functioning as an info point and way finding solution, we included several multitouch multi-user games to entertain users as well, such as Airhockey, Gravitoy, Bugs, Pong, Froggy and Tap.

This will be especially fun, considering that many young children will come to CS next Friday the 28th of September, because of Forskar Fredag (Researchers Friday).


This solution is ideal for public areas such as campuses, corporate reception areas, airports, shopping malls and other environments.

Once we have installed these solutions on its final location, first half next week, photos will follow.

Key features
- Wayfinding
- Customisable welcome ticker text / RSS feeds
- Social media Twitter widgets
- Weather/date/time widget
- Multi-language support
- Media Viewer support for images, videos and PDF brochures
- Multi-touch web browser
- Google maps multitouch interface
- Entertainment module with Snowflake games
- Existing Snowflake Suite applications can easily be integrated
- Customisability of content (images, text, videos, brochures, backgrounds etc)
- Developed on the fast performing and stable Snowflake Suite platform