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Snowflake Suite's 33rd release in over 5 years, version 3.1 to be released this October - Upgrade cost free

The worlds most advanced multitouch software suite continues to raise the bar to help and engage people to interact with touch screens.


This October we will release the 33rd version of Snowflake Suite, version 3.1.

The products has been developed for over 5 years and almost 25 man years have been put into creating this solution, so we are proud to have reached another milestone with this latest upcoming release.

Existing customers and partners will be able to upgrade cost free.

Check out below whats new:

- Added Modern UI / Windows 8 inspired menu layout
Windows 8 is coming out this October and Snowflake has already been compatible with Win 8 since the first version came out for developers earlier this year.

As this more touch centred version of Windows introduces a so called Modern UI with tiles, inspired by Microsoft we felt it would be beneficial to users to add a similar feel to Snowflake, as a part of educating the people of the paradigm shift that is taking place.

This way users better understand touch solutions as they become more consistent all across the board.




We even categorised the applications according to their individual groups Media and Business content, Gaming and Creative.

Switch between the different categories, Win 8 style, simply by swiping your fingers.

Of course via the Configuration Editor, you will be able to create your own categories, switch applications around, change button colors etc.

- Added swipe support and page indicators to the grid menu
The swipe function to change pages is now also available in the grid menu and the handy page indicator, iPhone style, shows you on which page you are.


- Added support for exiting Snowflake via password


Are you running Snowflake in a public environment where you don't want users to exit the software and let them loose on the operating system?

Keep two fingers on the corner menu in the menu main interface for 10 seconds and an onscreen keyboard pops up asking you for a password in order to be able to exit.

The password can be set in the Configuration Editor that comes pre-installed with Snowflake.

This feature is ideal for public environments such as kiosks, points of interest (POI) and points of sale (POS).

- Faster loading and better support for more modern PDF features that result in more PDFs displaying properly


- Upgraded to QT 4.8.2 from 4.7.4 for the Mac versions to fix a few crashes in the multitouch browser and improved performance for Google Maps


Additional changes:

- Added setting to disable the PDF sidebar
- Added .wmv support in Puzzle
- Added .wmv support for background and screensaver videos
- Added default settings for apps
- Added asynchronous loading option in Hotspot for faster content loading
- Trimmed size of Mac OS X installers
- Updated Configuration Editor, Settings
- SDK updates (bug fixes, installer improvements and added wiki documentation)
- Interaction design improvement in annotation layer
- Fixed bug in Tracer
- Fixed an issue with videos containing broken audio channels
- Fixed an issue in 3D Viewer (collada objects with no material)
- Fixed an issue with launching external applications
- General fixes and improvements to the main framework

Updating in October will be a matter of only seconds. You can update with ease, using the Auto Updater that comes pre-installed with Snowflake. If you use any custom content, make sure to have a backup and don’t overwrite your custom content while updating.

Alternatively you can download the complete version of Snowflake here.

Previous Snowflake Suite release notes / change logs, can be found here.

PS: You can download Snowflake Remote for free from the Apple App Store. It allows you to control Snowflake on a distance with your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, like a remote, ideal for product presentations and for usage in corporate board rooms.