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First week of Twitter highlights

I decided about a week ago to start a Twitter account to dump short messages on that are too short to dedicate separate blogposts to. These messages are not related to myself as an individual, but they are related to the activities of Natural User Interface (www.natural-ui.com) their operations, products and services portfolio. Here some of the highlights of NUI's Twitter from last week (http://www.twitter.com/multitouch)


Multi-touch Google Earth (NUI TouchEarth) update
We are currently working on updating NUI TouchEarth with layer implementation. An updated TouchEarth will be available on upcoming Wednesday.


We received another trademark approval for a future product service name

Based on requests of clients and partners, we have developed support for Windows Vista for NUI Suite Snowflake aside to XP, now available.

Today and tomorrow NUI partner Arcstream is showing NUI Suite Snowflake at The Event Show in UK

The NUI logo is now also a registered trademark in the EU, in addition to Sweden

Bill Gates likes NUI Software

Recorded some videos of NUI Suite Snowflake running both on our multi-touch table as well as on a dual touch HP TouchSmart with NextWindow, video will be online upcoming week.

NUI organized a multi-touch workshop

Looking for C++ interns

(End of Twitter highlights)