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Natural User Interface gives away free Ipod touch


Image: David Wallin aka Whitenoise, Initiative taker and developer of Touchlib

Because of the fact that my blog is two years old, NUI and I want to give something back to the community by offering a free Ipod touch, which is sponsored by Natural User Interface Europe AB.

I would like to give this to one of the persons that has contributed one of the most to the entire multi-touch community, namely the person that started coding Touchlib, David Wallin. David, NUI and several key people of the community have contributed and developed Touchlib, to what it is today.
If there is somebody who deserves something for his hard efforts, then it is David.

David does not always get the credit that he deserves. Despite that NUI has developed their own multitouch tracking solution, Touchlib has been very useful for us in the early days. Furthermore my guess is that about 99,99% of the companies out there that offer multitouch, offer this with the open source solution Touchlib.

Without Davids help the multi-touch community wouldn't have been what it is today.