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Third day at Tekniska Mässan


Today during the third day I met Kamelisko, one of the NUI Group members that come from Finland to Sweden, just to see the NUI-box in action and to talk to me. We had some nice discussions and sharing of ideas. Thanks for coming Kam.

Other then the usual fans, we another a pretty "special" one. A guy that stood for over 3 hours in front of the NUI-box in order to play with it hehe.

Kam and I also run into a woman that wore an NUI t-shirt that I gave her a day earlier.

We had some nice compliments from several people saying that this was by far out the coolest thing on the entire event. Which is kind of nice considering the fact that they have industrial robots and 3d printers as well.

One of many persons said, hey M$ does something similar, whereas one person answered. No this is way better then M$, which is nice to hear of course.

Overall another interesting day with nice talks with several people.

I have some issues with uploading videos to youtube. So I will try to post them later, therefore some more pictures.