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NUI interviewed during Tekniska Mässan by Dagens Teknik

During Tekniska Mässan we were interviewed by Dagens Teknik, a Swedish Tech Magazine.

See a scan of the small article below:



In English:

*The screen that everybody wanted to see at Tekniska Mässan
*This is a multitouch screen that can become a big success. At the
moment this area is supah hot. Soon Microsoft will be releasing their
own screen "Surface". This table is a spin-off from a degree project by
a couple of students from Luleå Technical University. They have now
formed the company Natural User Interface AB. They hope that their
invention will be used to create huge information screens, for example
in malls. The special thing is that the screen is capable of up to
165.000 inputs at the same time. The technology is based on that every
input is read as an infrared beam. The screen on the picture is a
prototype, but it has already been shipped to several companies. The
price tag is between 50.000-100.000 kr, depending on screen size.

All I can add to this is, media write whatever they want, even if it doesn't make sense.