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International Schools And Why Brands Matter In Education

What do parents look for when picking a school for their kids? Is it a hands-on learning style like Montessori? An established curriculum like the International Baccalaureate? Or maybe it's shared values with the teachers and the administration of the school?

Exploring The Future Of Our Cities

While attending ACM ISS 2018 in Tokyo, NUITEQ's Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, interviewed city architect Dan Hill about storytelling and learned more about what our future cities will be like.

A Look At Education in Sweden

In the above video, NUITEQ's Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, visits three schools in Sweden and speaks with four teachers about what education is like.

We Experienced The Back To The Future Gala

In the above video, NUITEQ's Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse attends the "Back to the future" gala, organized by our UK partner, Sahara AV.

This Basically Sums Up Dr. Edward Tse’s Golf Experience

In the above video, NUITEQ's Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, travels to London, UK, to attend the 2018 Sahara Showcase event that took place at the Hanbury Manor.

How To MultiTeach: The Lessons App Explained

The above video provides a step-by-step walk-through of all of the features of Snowflake MultiTeach’s Lessons App.

How to MultiTeach: The Browser App and Zones

The Browser app is built into Snowflake MultiTeach® and provides a way for teachers and students to easily access web-based content without leaving the MultiTeach environment. It comes with bookmarks to engaging educational websites, YouTube, and NUITEQ® online user manuals.

NUITEQ®, Education, and Technology AMA

In case you missed it, here's a recording of last weeks #AMA with NUITEQ’s Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse.

Introduction to Nodes, an Engaging Multimedia, Concept-Mapping, and Presentation App

This video is an introduction to Nodes, a multi-user concept mapping and presentation app in Snowflake MultiTeach that provides teachers and students with multiple ways to import, curate, explore, and present engaging content. It includes a demonstration of how the Nodes app can be used along with...

Kids in Uganda Vlog With Dr. Edward Tse's Camera

Over this past year, we've initiated several CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. We've sponsored several local events, volunteered to help children learn how to code, made donations to a local football team, and went to Uganda to help rebuild St Annes school.