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NUITEQ Snowflake’s latest educational videos are here!

Professional Development for Effective Integration of EdTech Tools

There's no doubt technology has become an integral part of today's learning experience. The educational landscape rapidly evolves, and many Educational Technology (EdTech) tools are emerging. These tools can potentially revolutionize how we teach and learn, enhancing education in innovative ways....

PhET Simulations and Puzzle Now Available in NUITEQ Snowflake

NUITEQ Snowflake is the teaching and learning platform where educators can access curriculum-aligned content and easy-to-use tools that activate students for greater engagement. With the latest update, the online version of NUITEQ Snowflake now offers access to two new lesson activity templates:...

Elevate teaching with the NUITEQ Snowflake integration in Canvas LMS

If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your teaching and create a more engaging and effective learning environment for your students, you’re in the right place! The seamless integration of NUITEQ Snowflake's online version with Canvas LMS offers a powerful solution that can streamline...

New NUITEQ Snowflake Release: Improved UX, Security & Performance

NUITEQ has released a new version of NUITEQ Snowflake, bringing exciting new improvements and features to the browser app, lesson activities app, and more. This release focuses on improving the overall user experience (UX), security, reliability, and performance of the teaching and learning...