Brand new multi-touch solution videos of NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box

July 27, 2011

NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box just released a few brand new videos of their multi-touch solutions, which come bundled with the award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite.

My last weeks trip to India visiting NUITEQ's Indian Partner TouchMagix

July 18, 2011

Early last week together with NUITEQ's Chief Marketing Officer Pradeep George, I hopped on a plane from Skellefteå via Stockholm, Helsinki, Delhi to Pune to visit our Indian Partner TouchMagix.

Snowflake 2.0.3 upgrade released

July 11, 2011

Today NUITEQ has released the Snowflake 2.0.3 version upgrade.

Snowflake Suite 2.0 on the Inno-Table, a true multi-user multitouch table

July 11, 2011

In the below video, Malaysia based Innovation Now Sdn Bhd is showcasing Snowflake Suite 2.0 on their true multi-user multi-touch table called Inno-Table.

Yeah baby yeah! Snowflake 2.0.2 released

July 07, 2011

We are so excited about the Auto Updater program that we added to Snowflake 2.0, that we released another quick update for you, already the second update in just a few days, namely version 2.0.2. Its kind of addicting to be able to offer you the latest improvements in such a short time frame and in...

Snowflake 2.0 release well received around the globe on the first day - Snowflake 2.0.1 released

July 01, 2011

Today was a very encouraging day, having received endorsements from all over the world from Partners, Clients and soon to be Clients about how much they enjoyed the new Snowflake 2.0 release.