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My last weeks trip to India visiting NUITEQ's Indian Partner TouchMagix

Early last week together with NUITEQ's Chief Marketing Officer Pradeep George, I hopped on a plane from Skellefteå via Stockholm, Helsinki, Delhi to Pune to visit our Indian Partner TouchMagix.

It started off nicely with a lemon cheese cake at Arlanda airport in Stockholm.


Arriving in Delhi I found out that Finnair lost my suitcase, so I was happy to go on a shopping spree for new clothes on Finnairs cost. Don't you just love it when an airliner loses your bag?

Two days later Finnair returned my bag broken, suitcase Fin(n)ished :(, but hey at least I did some free shopping right?

The next couple of days we spent at the TouchMagix office to learn more about their interactive solutions, such as interactive floors, walls, tables and other products such as the MagixFone, which is an awesome piece of technology.

Interactive floor


Also check out the MagixTable here, a true multi-user multi-touch table that comes bundled with NUITEQ's award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite.

Aside from all the cool technology that we played around with, my favorite item at their office (aside from the air-conditioning) was this coffee mug.


Of course you can't go to India without eating great Indian food.



I was very impressed with how good vegetarian food can taste. If you are planning to become a vegetarian, India is probably the best and easiest country in the world to become one.

During one of the evenings we went out eating with the TouchMagix team, which was great fun.

Had great laughs with TouchMagix' Manager of Sales and International Business Amit Rao

I was impressed with the passion and dedication the TouchMagix team offered Customer Support. They are reachable 24/7 and even though we were having a team dinner in a restaurant and a customer called with an issue, they picked up the phones and laptops and got back to work at the restaurant dinner table. Thats how customer support should be.

My good friend Anup Tapadia CEO of TouchMagix assisting a customer despite having a company dinner

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

A quick pic before we went home

I big thanks goes out to TouchMagix for their hospitality.

It was an interesting trip to learn more about the TouchMagix team, their products, the Indian culture, food, customs etc.

The most memorable of the trip was the crazy traffic, good shopping, awesome food, the Mumbai bombing and the big contrast between rich and poor. Looking at the poverty in the country, you realize how lucky you actually are if you can eat every day, have a roof over your head and a job that you love.

Oh yeah, I was surprised to find out that pressing buttons in an elevator is actually a job.