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Snowflake 2.0 release well received around the globe on the first day - Snowflake 2.0.1 released

Today was a very encouraging day, having received endorsements from all over the world from Partners, Clients and soon to be Clients about how much they enjoyed the new Snowflake 2.0 release.

From France
I just tested the new 2.0 version and it really looks great!

I like:
- the new design, more modern
- the new browser
- the 180° swap, really great on a table
- the new organisation for the viewer app, that's really great, it will help a lot for custom content, we use this app all the time!

So really, great job! It's really a great improvement!

From Ecuador
Snowflake is really awesome. We have not experienced any crash.

From Italy
Its just fantastic! The new QT platform has done a miracle.
Loading is incredible, all the new functions also.
The Media Viewer is fantastic.
I'm very very happy with all of it. Surely the best multi-touch software suite around today.

Today we received some great feedback from people that worked with the yesterday released Snowflake 2.0.
Because we are dedicated to ensuring that we offer our Partners and Customers an as good as possible experience, we released several quick fixes.

- Added Connledge, Draw and Stacks to trial
- Fixed that Snowflake doesn't start over registration dialog, if on Windows UAC is set at the default value
- Fixed videos on Mac making it work "out of the box" without additional codecs, avoiding white screens when screensaver is loaded
- Fixed error message with Snowflake Registration on Mac
- Fixed in the Configuration Editor that apps are not added to the excluded apps list when clicked on Default in Corner menu tab
- Fixed duplicate app entries in the Configuration Editor
- Fixed issue with showing unregistered trial version when starting Snowflake the first time after registering

Windows users can easily use the Auto Updater and see that a new update is available, which then simply can be installed with the click of a mouse (no more uninstalling and reinstalling of complete installers).

We are currently tuning the Auto Updater for Mac, so we recommend Mac users to install the complete 2.0.1 on top of the 2.0 release.

Have a great weekend!