Static materials tip

July 31, 2007

Because of the fact that silicone rubber, rosco projection screen and acrylic are very static I wanted to point out that you shouldn't saw or cut acrylic or polycarbonate in the same room where you store the rosco or the silicone rubber. The tiny acrylic particles stick to everywhere, so you will...

Surface mounted leds

July 28, 2007

2 tips regarding handling your Rosco

July 17, 2007

I wanted to give 2 tips regarding handling projection screen and Rosco in particular. I don't know if this applies to other projection screen materials, but because we have experimented with Rosco Grey a lot, I figured I should post it here. For some people it might be common sense, but I'm sure...

Interaction without multitouch, keyboard or mouse

July 12, 2007

Tip for creating your own silicone rubber compliant surface overlays

July 10, 2007

I have found out that covering your silicone rubber sheets while curing gives a better end result. This way small dust particles in the air can't settle and cure into the surface of the silicone rubber. Usually these small particles cure into the silicone rubber and therefore create little...

Rosco samples arrived / small update

July 10, 2007

I've been rather busy lately, so there hasn't been a lot of updates.