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2 tips regarding handling your Rosco

I wanted to give 2 tips regarding handling projection screen and Rosco in particular. I don't know if this applies to other projection screen materials, but because we have experimented with Rosco Grey a lot, I figured I should post it here. For some people it might be common sense, but I'm sure not everybody uses projection screen on a regular bases.

The 2 tips I wanted to point out:
* Never fold your Rosco. Roll it instead. Because when you fold it, it will leave marks, that you can't remove. It will actually damage the material.
* Be careful with what kind of material you clean your Rosco with, if its dirty. For example, if you clean it with Aceton, it will leave very tiny scratches. It doesn't really destroy the projection, but still, it's not a nice view, when your screen is off that you see these imperfections.