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Static materials tip

Because of the fact that silicone rubber, rosco projection screen and acrylic are very static I wanted to point out that you shouldn't saw or cut acrylic or polycarbonate in the same room where you store the rosco or the silicone rubber. The tiny acrylic particles stick to everywhere, so you will have a hard time getting rid of those particles in between your silicone rubber and the rosco. Ultra small particles that are a tenth of a millimeter create rather big bubbles on the projection screen.

If you are experimenting with making your own silicone rubber compliant surface overlays and there are dust particles in them, I suggest that you put a piece of tracing paper on top of the silicone rubber, before you apply the Rosco. Little particles in the Silicone are less noticeable with the tracing paper on top. Now you can also place the Rosco with the none shiny side down, so that the overall look is better. Also your blobs are sharper this way.