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Porsche uses multitouch software Snowflake in their daily sales operations

Porsche, the automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans approached NUITEQ's Russian partner SupremeTouch, with a problem they wanted to have solved.


Porsche wanted to be able to present their company and products in a more memorable fashion, both at events and exhibitions, as well as on an ordinary day in the sales office.


SupremeTouch put forward their multitouch displays combined with Snowflake as the solution, to be able to wow people at events and at the Porsche offices, about the Porsche company, brand and products. Porsche can now deliver even more amazing and mesmerizing presentations of their most luxurious products.

Several Porsche dealers in Russia have now chosen to use these systems in their daily sales operations.

"Porsche choose Snowflake, because of its fantastic and fast customization possibilities.", says Nick Yudin, CEO of SupremeTouch.


SupremeTouch, is a Russian hardware and software manufacturer that produces high-end interactive multitouch solutions.

As SupremeTouch is delivering their solutions to the high end of the market, they have manufactured their tables in Corian stone, as it is a perfect fit for luxurious product brands.

For over 8 years, their products, combined with Snowflake, have been installed in banks, retail centers and offices in Russia.

"We have been working with Nick and his team for several years, delivering our solutions to companies in Russia.", says NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen. "We have worked with Porsche in the past in for example Singapore, so knowing the company, we are excited to be working with their brand through our partner in Russia now as well."

Interested to know how multitouch software Snowflake can help your company or your customers? Contact us now at mail@nuiteq.com and we'd love to tell you more.