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Multi-touch evening at SOCO Amsterdam with Martin Kaltenbrunner and Ralph Das


Like stated earlier, I got invited by Peter Distol from SOCO Amsterdam to be on a 3 person panel to discuss multi-touch.

After a 3,5 hour night sleep and a trip from Skelleftea to Stockholm to Oslo to Amsterdam I was even surprised myself that I could actually keep my eyes open and talk.

I was sitting on the panel with NUI Group core member Interaction Designing Artist Ralph Das and Martin Kaltenbrunner, from Spain, one of the brains behind Reactable, the world famous multi-touch digital music instrument.

30 people filled the room to listen and hear about multi-touch.

So it promised to be an interesting evening.


I started off with my background, what NUI Group is, how it got started and what multi-touch hardware and software solutions we research and develop.

Afterwards Ralph demonstrated an application, called Newswell, that he developed for this event in Flash. Which is a social news rss feed application.


After that, Martin outlined what Reactable and ReacTIVion is, how it works and what the main purpose is.


At the end of Martins lecture, we had really interesting discussions with the audience about multi-touch in general, applications, Reactable, Microsoft Surface, the future, motion detection, interaction design, Youtube examples etc.

All in all, it was a successful event and thanks to Peter for letting Martin and me come over and thanks to Ralph and Martin for helping this evening being so attractive and of course NUI Group core member Software Architect Laurence Muller (Falcon4ever) for helping with this project and the rest of the people that took the opportunity to meet us.

Starting the 6th of December, SOCO Amsterdam will give multi-touch workshops and I encourage everybody who is interested into building and discussing multi-touch solutions, to sign up.

This entire event was recorded on video and will be online later on for the people that are interested.

See below a the prototype setups, that Peter, Ralph, Laurence and some others built, that were demonstrated during the evening.
The setups use Front Illumination and don’t have a closed chassis, because of demonstration purpose / show off the proof of concept.