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Behind the Scenes: Creating Curriculum in NUITEQ Snowflake

How does the NUITEQ Snowflake Team produce lesson activities that engage students while also saving teachers time? We provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of standard-aligned NUITEQ Snowflake Curriculum. Learn how curriculum is made to align with standards such as the Next Generation...

Supporting All Students with NUITEQ Snowflake

Teachers use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to engage all students in their classroom by allowing learners to observe and express their understanding of the curriculum in multiple ways. The video below demonstrates the accessibility features built into every NUITEQ Snowflake lesson activity...

NUITEQ Snowflake Empowers Students to Create their Own Learning Path

Research conducted by the university of Lund in Sweden has shown that there are three important indicators that teachers should take into consideration before they decide which digital learning resource to invest in: The resource discourages the use of the trial-and-error method, where students...

Brain Breaks with NUITEQ Snowflake

Many teachers have encountered a moment in their classroom when their students are just DONE. Teachers can easily recognize the signs when students have reached the point of mental exhaustion. In my own experience as a teacher, those signs became a warning that I had to do something to get my...

Enhance Student Creativity with NUITEQ Snowflake

Teachers are recognized for their ability to deliver educational content that meets specific academic standards. In addition to being masters of their curriculum, teachers also strive to help their students become creative, critical thinkers. The ease of creating Lesson Activities on Snowflake.Live...

Mega-list for Arts Integration, STEAM, and Collaborative Learning Tech

Lynn Marentette, M.A., Sp.A. K-12 Technology Specialist at NUITEQ® Are you looking for ways to enhance your instructional units and lesson plans? If you are involved with problem-based or project-based learning, STEM, or STEAM, and need to power up your tech integration skills to the next level,...

Infuse arts into STEM projects using collaborative touchscreen tech

Lynn Marentette, M.A., Sp.A. K-12 Technology Specialist at NUITEQ® “When students learn through arts integration, they are engaged in experiences in which they actively build and demonstrate their understanding of both the art form and the other curriculum area” – ArtsEdge, Kennedy Center