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5 Trends Shaping Education in 2022

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released their Trends Shaping Education report in January 2022. What emerging global trends are poised to disrupt education in the future? We explore 5 trends to watch for and discuss ways to prepare learners to compete in a global...

6 Ways Kids Corner Touch Displays help make Malls and Retail Stores Accessible in 2022

Shopping at malls can be a nightmare for parents... When my own kids got bored they would start playing a combination of Marco Polo and tag inside the shop. The anxiety of holding them back from injuring themselves along with the condescending stares was enough to make any parent run for the door....

5 Interactive Frameworks for Workplace Meetings

What makes people say "This meeting should have been an email!" even after meeting organizers work hard for days preparing slides? Businesses of all sizes are adapting to new environments of hybrid work, yet the process of meetings remains resistant to change. Non-interactive presentations are...

8 Host tips for engaging and productive hybrid meetings

With more meetings happening remotely or in a hybrid setting than ever before, government organisations and companies need meeting hosts to get more out of their time with their peers. This means more engaging, interacting, and producing in the same or preferably less amount of time. A survey of...