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Will Remote Learning Ever Become the Standard in Education?

Early in spring 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic started gathering speed and spreading uncontrollably around the globe. Many governments responded by shutting down schools and switching to remote learning or hybrid models. As a result, teachers were required to come up with ways to ensure the continued...

Strategies to Get Children to Focus During Online School

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, children across the country have had to adapt to online school like never before. While many districts have started to go back to in-person learning, some have chosen either a hybrid model or to stick with virtual school for the time being.

How Students Can Transfer Online School Skills into Future Careers

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the educational world in an unprecedented manner. The initial shift to either a remote learning hybrid or even an entirely virtual learning environment was sudden and abrupt.

Remote Learning Expectations vs. Reality

Last year began just like every other year. We welcomed it with great expectations, hopes, plans, dreams, projects. Little did we know that those plans were really about to change drastically.

How to Create a Remote Education Strategy from Scratch: A Step by Step Guide

Schools around the world will end 2020 in a completely different educational landscape to where they began this unprecedented year. When lockdown first hit, teachers were left at a loss on how to get remote learning plans in place. Now, more than seven months later, with local lockdowns and class...

5 Actionable Tips To Motivate Your Students To Learn

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Arthur Ward

Distance Learning Lessons From A Tech-Fluent School District

This school year is like no other; to keep education running, many school districts have had to quickly adapt to new ways of learning and teaching, mainly done digitally.

Differentiating Instruction in a Remote Teaching Scenario

Remote education poses challenges that are very different from the ones in-classroom education poses. One of the most important differences between online and in-classroom instruction is the ability for teachers to interact directly with each student and gauge their understanding of concepts...

The Powerful Positive Outcomes of Arts Education

Learning, and the benefits of learning, can take on many different faces. While traditional academics certainly have their merit, the time kids spend thinking outside the box is developmentally important to them. It's no longer just a matter of opinion -- numerous studies have determined that...