Advance your career by developing a Personal Learning Network

July 21, 2017

What is a PLN?

PLN, or Personal Learning Network, originates from the connectivism theory by George Siemens, according to which the “starting point of learning is the individual who feeds information into the network, which feeds information back to individuals who in turn feed information back...

Creating interactive Physics lessons using the Nodes app in MultiTeach®

July 19, 2017

Lynn V. Marentette, M.A., Sp.A., Learning Experience Designer, NUITEQ®

Snowflake MultiTeach is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, ideal for harnessing rich multimedia content, standards-aligned informational resources such as e-books, and online resources such as educational...

Mega list of physics resources

July 14, 2017

Lynn V. Marentette, M.A., Sp.A., Learning Experience Designer, NUITEQ®

Snowflake MultiTeach® collaborative multi-touch software is ideal for exploring and presenting a wide range of Physics and related STEM subjects.

The images below are from a demo unveiled at the ISTE 2017 conference and...

Personalized learning - give each student a voice

July 12, 2017

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” - John Dewey

Opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach, personalized learning is a method that puts the student at the center of learning.

ISTE 2017 reflections

July 05, 2017

Lynn V. Marentette, M.A., Sp.A., Learning Experience Designer, NUITEQ®

"Because, ultimately, it's not about the technology at all. It's about changing the way learning and teaching takes place to make it more meaningful and impactful for educators and learners around the globe.It's about working...

Why is collaborative learning important?

July 03, 2017

Today, we observe a huge growth in classroom technology, and with it, the introduction of new learning methodologies. One example, that edtech encourages, is collaborative learning.

5 things I learned at Vidcon 2017

June 30, 2017

Dr. Edward Tse, Director of Education Strategy, NUITEQ®

How the sharing economy will transform education

June 22, 2017

As the sharing economy is transforming industries such as tourism and transportation, with big players like Uber (the taxi company that doesn’t own cars) or Airbnb (biggest hotel that doesn’t own rooms), we observe the rules of the game changing in many other sectors. We can say that the sharing...

NUITEQ® Named SIIA Education Technology CODiE Award Finalist for Best Learning Capacity-Building Solution & Best Emerging Education Technology Solution

June 14, 2017

Snowflake MultiTeach® earns prestigious industry recognition

NUITEQ® partners with Creative Summit to support the “Future of Work” event

June 13, 2017


It’s that time of the year again, when great minds gather in the place we call home, Skellefteå, to get new ideas, learn from each other and absorb knowledge through inspiring talks.