How to use touch screen technology in the 21st century classroom - a MultiTeach® howto

February 13, 2016

Lynn Marentette, M.A., Sp.A.K-12 Technology Specialist at NUITEQ®

I’m happy to introduce the first in a series of regular posts about Snowflake MultiTeach® and how it can be used to support teaching and learning in classrooms that are moving forward with multi-touch, multi-user collaborative...

Our support is 90,9% faster than other software companies

February 05, 2016

When you decide to come on board with Snowflake and NUITEQ®, you get more than the value and solid performance of Snowflake. You also get access to our dedicated and timely support team.

New collaborative multitouch touchscreen software for meeting rooms released - Snowflake Business 4.10.1

February 04, 2016

Collaboration software for corporate board and meeting rooms Snowflake Business 4.10.1 version has been released.

New Snowflake MultiTeach® collaborative touchscreen software for classrooms released version 4.10.1

February 03, 2016


Snowflake MultiTeach® brings teachers and pupils in elementary education greater enjoyment, higher engagement and better collaboration while teaching and learning. This results in improved educational outcomes for teachers, students and schools.