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New Snowflake MultiTeach® collaborative touchscreen software for classrooms released version 4.10.1



Snowflake MultiTeach® brings teachers and pupils in elementary education greater enjoyment, higher engagement and better collaboration while teaching and learning. This results in improved educational outcomes for teachers, students and schools.


End of January we released MultiTeach® 4.10. You can find the blogpost about it here.

As we are all about continously improving the experience for you, we have just released a quick new update version 4.10.1 with more improvements and fixes.

One of the key things that we have heavily improved is the total file size of the installer, so that download times are reduced and less hard drive space is required to run MultiTeach®.

Below you find the change log / release notes:

Improved menu organisation
Improved content compression in MathBugs
Improved design and user interaction in Einstein (Lesson Type)
Improved opening lessons from file outside of MultiTeach®
Fixed various interaction design issues in Lessons
Fixed issue where login dialog
Fixed issue where sometimes cards could be lost in Einstein (Lesson Type)
Fixed issue with Configurator not showing all apps in some cases
Fixed bugs in using external apps
Fixed bugs in grid menu
Removed RingDrop
Removed Planetarium
Removed two audio tracks from Piano
Removed Galaxy theme in Lessons
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

You can now find RingDrop back in Lessons as a lesson type and you can also make your own Planetarium lessons with templates that we deliver with MultiTeach®.

You can use the easy Updater to update to this latest release, with one click of a button.

  • You need an internet connection to use the Updater. It checks online, if there is a newer version of the software available, than the one that is currently installed on your computer. If there is, it will notify you about it. Once you click Update, the Updater will do all the magic for you. It will download the new version of Snowflake, install it, and after successful installation, only then it will remove the older version. This is to ensure that even if the process gets interrupted, you will always have a working Snowflake installation. So you will no longer have to manually download, uninstall and install Snowflake. The Updater will even remember all of your old preferred settings for you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping backups related to Snowflake.

  • New FREE touch screen lessons available for MultiTeach®


If you head over to the MultiTeach® Lessons Community, you can download hundreds of new touch screen lessons for MultiTeach®, which you can find here: https://mtlc.nuiteq.com/

If you upload your own made MultiTeach® lesson to the community, you will compete to win a 250 USD / 225 EUR / 165 GBP Amazon gift voucher each month.

We also recommend you to check out our Pinterest, for more resources: pinterest.com/multiteach/

Teachers, pupils, schools, our partners and we think that MultiTeach® is awesome. But don't take our word for it. Have a look at this case study on how MultiTeach and touchscreens from our partner, in this case Clevertouch, are used in schools to improve educational outcomes for teaachers, students and schools. 

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