Happy NUI Year

December 31, 2007

NUI Software Demo

December 21, 2007


December 16, 2007

Adi and Divesh, two of NUI's affiliates are currently demonstrating multi-touch software solutions in India. Find below their the leaflets they spread at their presentation at the NID convocation design showcase.

Blogpost about the Digital Interactive Table

December 13, 2007

A while ago I posted about the DIT, Digital Interactive Table, a multi-user multi-touch interactive table we developed at NUI. I ran into a blogpost at Pixfans.

Multitouch presentation in Poland (media and keynote)

December 10, 2007

Last week, colleague Pawel Solyga, the author of Open Touch was interviewed by the Polish media, regarding multi-touch technology.

Internship proposal C++/OpenGL programmer

December 08, 2007

NUI is looking for 1-2 students (from whatever country), that are interested in an internship in Sweden to help develop custom made multi-touch software applications in c++ and opengl for our global clients for a period of 3-6 months.

Our new video of touchEarth (Google Earth multi-touch)

December 07, 2007

Featured in German design magazine

December 07, 2007

NUI Group got featured in Page, a German design magazine. The article focuses on multi-touch solutions. Big thanks to Author Jens Franke who collaborated with colleagues Christian Moore and Tim Roth to develop this article.

FTIR Depth Mapping

December 07, 2007

AS3/FTIR Depth Mapping from ~ on Vimeo.

NUI featured in Association Francaise de Realite Virtuelle

December 04, 2007

NUI got featured in a French magazine called Association Francaise de Realite Virtuelle. Translation in English, below the French version. Thanks Google for translating :)

DIT - Google Earth at SIMO 2007 (update)

December 03, 2007

For Tempel and BBVA we developed the DIT (Digital Interactive Table), a multi-user multi-touch screen.

touchEarth / 3d model application

December 02, 2007

See below our video of touchEarth (Google Earth multi-touch) and a 3d model application.

Multi-touch evening at SOCO Amsterdam with Martin Kaltenbrunner and Ralph Das

December 01, 2007

Like stated earlier, I got invited by Peter Distol from SOCO Amsterdam to be on a 3 person panel to discuss multi-touch.