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NUITEQ successfully deployed new NUITEQ Snowflake data architecture

NUITEQ, successfully deployed the new architecture and backbone of the cloud-based version of its award-winning educational solution NUITEQ Snowflake, to accommodate the growing demand for the company's web-based EdTech services. This expansion enables even more efficient monitoring, improves...

Real Instructive Ghost Caught on Camera!

Let me tell you a hair-raising story, the story of Halloween: A long time ago in Europe, people used to believe that on the evening of October 31st, spirits roamed the earth during an ancient Gaelic festival called Samhain. People offered these spirits food and performed rituals to ward them off.

Will Remote Learning Ever Become the Standard in Education?

Early in spring 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic started gathering speed and spreading uncontrollably around the globe. Many governments responded by shutting down schools and switching to remote learning or hybrid models. As a result, teachers were required to come up with ways to ensure the continued...