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Back To School Lesson Plan Ideas

Time flies when you’re on summer break! Soon it’s time to think about going back to school and what you as a teacher can to do to prepare for the first days of the new school year.

EdTech Coach Shares Her Technology Love With Teachers

As a classroom teacher, I was very tech savvy. I incorporated many digital assignments, opportunities for my students to interact with technology, and even used voters to poll students for formative and summative assessments to guide my instruction.

Stage, lightweight collaboration solution | UCEXPO 2019

We recently visited UC EXPO, Europe’s largest event for unified communications, together with our UK partner, Clevertouch.

World Environment Day Interactive Lessons

The environmental crisis we find ourselves in today has grown since the 1970s to a point where we now need to change the way we live. Making sure that we take care of our planet is crucial for the survival of future generations.

What It Is Like To Teach With EdTech

In this video, Teacher and NUITEQ® Education Technology Specialist, Danielle Maclin, explains what it is like to teach with EdTech (Education Technology). In particular, she talks about how she uses the Snowflake educational software in her classroom and the impact it has on her students and the...

Video-Based Memorial Day Lesson Ideas

This month, on the 27th of May, we observe Memorial Day, a federal holiday in the United States to remember and honor the ones who fought and died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Sherlock Holmes Introduction Via Video-Linked Lessons

Every day is a celebration and this month, on the 22nd of May, we are ready to celebrate and recognize the adventures of the most famous fictional private detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. Bring mystery into the classroom, solve riddles and have fun learning about Sherlock Holmes with these...

How I Use EdTech To Boost Student Engagement

We’ve all been there as teachers, a lesson we think will fill the entire period (42 minutes from bell to bell at my school) somehow enters warp speed and is over within 19 minutes - leaving you with that “oh no, what do I do now to keep 20 vibrating, verge of rioting pre-teens busy… more...

Talk Like Shakespeare, Teach Like A 21st-Century Educator

Talk Like Shakespeare Day - ay, you read that right; upon my honour, it’s not a jest - is coming up anon, on 23 April. The date is the birthday of the world-renowned writer and playwright, William Shakespeare, and it celebrates his life and work.