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Why Do We Give Thanks? Teach, Using This Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

It is soon time to give thanks! But before bringing the turkey out, teach your students more about the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hola! Hablas Español? - Learn Via These Interactive Spanish Lessons

For teachers coming from Spanish-speaking countries or Spanish teachers all over the world, we have created several interactive Spanish lessons which you can use with Snowflake MultiTeach or Lessons Online.

Lessons Online Tutorial: Sign-In and the My Lessons Home Screen

The above video is for first-time users of Lessons Online. It explains the sign-in process and how to access useful information from the Lessons Online sign-in page, such as the Help pages from NUITEQ’s support wiki, how to contact NUITEQ, licensing, terms of service, the privacy policy, and FAQs.

Spooktacular 😱 Halloween 🎃 Lesson Plan

  Fun for some, spooky for others, Halloween is a celebration with a long history. We’ve created several interactive lessons that you can integrate into your Halloween lesson plan. Use them to teach your class about the Halloween history, characters, and customs.

How to Play and Create a Bugs Lesson Step-By-Step

  The above video demonstrates how to play and create a Bugs lesson, and how to use related features of Lessons Online, Snowflake MultiTeach, and the MultiTeach® Lessons Community. It was designed to be the first in the series of step-by-step videos about the Lessons App in Lessons Online and in...

Get Your Numbers Right With Help From These Engaging Maths Lessons

Based on YouTube videos from the most popular maths teachers out there, we have created several engaging maths lessons which you can use with Snowflake MultiTeach or Lessons Online.

Strategies for a smooth school start using EdTech (Webinar)

The beginning of a new school year can bring out a lot of different feelings in students, parents, and teachers. Many are excited, but some are anxious and stressed.

Gamify Phonics Learning With This Phonics Lesson Plan

Research shows that students learn best by using hands-on activities and the way we teach should engage students in ways they enjoy at home, such as watching educational YouTube videos.

Snowflake MultiTeach’s Media App and Matching Activities

The Media App in Snowflake MultiTeach is a multi-user, multimedia tool that is often used for presenting digital content such as images, text, and video for use in instruction in K-12 settings. It also can be used to support open-ended learning activities for preschool-age children and those who...

Help Students Understand Brexit with This Interactive Lesson Plan

In light of the political earthquake that shook Europe starting with June 23, 2016, we’ve created this Brexit lesson plan that you can use to discuss this subject in your classroom.