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“It’s all about student agency’ -- Matt Miller

In this video, Matt Miller, author of “Ditch that Textbook” and "Ditch that Homework” discusses the need for less "Lessons Assigners and more Lessons Designers" to support student agency and personalized learning experiences.

Teaching and learning about communities with Snowflake MultiTeach®

At some point in during the early grades, many students are introduced to concepts about neighborhoods and communities through a series of lessons that are taught within a larger instructional unit.

Literacy and technology integration featuring MultiTeach

In today’s classrooms, teachers are required to integrate technology as they teach reading, writing, and communication skills. These are subjects have historically been taught using “old-school” strategies, without technology.

Touch screen educational software Snowflake MultiTeach® 5.4 released

Today, we are excited to announce the release of version 5.4 of our award-winning educational software for classrooms, Snowflake MultiTeach.

Enterprise collaboration software Snowflake Business 5.4 released

Skellefteå, Sweden/Palo Alto, USA – August 22nd, 2017 - NUITEQ®, a world leader in collaborative touchscreen software solutions, announced today the launch of version 5.4 of its enterprise collaboration software suite Snowflake Business.

Snowflake MultiTeach® helps personalized learning in Opelika schools

For the beginning of this new school year, Opelika schools, in Alabama, USA have installed 108 new interactive touch panels in their classrooms. The multitouch panels, that are provided by NUITEQ’s US partner, Clear Touch Interactive, come pre-installed with collaborative classroom software...

MultiTeach® and Collaborative Instructional Planning

The following video provides an overview of ways teachers can use Snowflake MultiTeach® for collaborative instructional planning, a method proven by research to result in positive outcomes for students.

Creating interactive Physics lessons using the Nodes app in MultiTeach®

Snowflake MultiTeach is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, ideal for harnessing rich multimedia content, standards-aligned informational resources such as e-books, and online resources such as educational subscriptions, videos, simulations, games, and websites. Teachers can collaborate with...

How to personalize learning using split views

One of the challenges of today’s education is introducing personalized learning, inside and outside the classroom, in order to make the curriculum relevant to each student's’ learning style and interests. The goal of personalized learning is to facilitate the academic success of each student. To...

Personalized learning tips for your classroom

While linear, “one size fits all” models of education are still being used, there are today new ways of introducing personalized learning in your classroom. Check out Doctor ET’s tips in the video below to find out how it can be achieved: