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Make Education Fun with Snowflake MultiTeach® 6.1

Skellefteå, Sweden, 18 September 2018 – NUITEQ®, the award-winning pioneer in collaborative touchscreen software solutions, announced today the release of edition 6.1 of Snowflake MultiTeach®, the collaborative solution that makes education fun in classrooms and on the go.

NUITEQ’s Director Of Strategy Wins The Tech Edvocate Award for Best Global EdTech Leader

The fast evolution of technology transformed the way students learn and educators teach. Due to this rapid growth, the EdTech sector keeps on growing, and many innovative companies and people with great ideas came in to answer the needs of a 21st-century education system.

Webinar: Strategies For a Smooth School Start Using EdTech

The beginning of a new school year can bring out a lot of different feelings in students, parents, and teachers.

Rewarding extremes and how to shape today’s youth - A MarketScale podcast

How can parents prepare today’s youth for being responsible and savvy digital citizens in a world where AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes more complex and prevalent? NUITEQ Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, explains in this episode of the MarketScale podcast.

Last Call for Your Vote for the 2018 Tech Edvocate Awards

Each year, The Tech Edvocate Awards select top EdTech companies, products, and people, to determine whose performance has a positive influence in today’s education system.

The First Weeks of School

The beginning of the school year is a time when teachers focus on establishing safe, caring, and predictable, and engaging learning environments. Teachers plan activities to help their students understand the academic and behavioral expectations that have been set for the class. What teachers put...

Accessing Interactive Lessons Aligned With Your Curriculum Has Never Been This Easy

We’re excited to present the latest updates in the MultiTeach Lessons Community®, the place for interactive lessons that connects teachers everywhere.

Make Education More Fun With The Updated Lessons Online Learning Solution

We’re excited to announce that Lessons Online - NUITEQ’s cloud-based Online Learning Suite, that makes education more fun - has been updated. This update focuses on making it even easier to access relevant content, find curriculum aligned lessons, and add more content to a lesson, for example,...

Collaborative Solution for Interactive Classrooms, Snowflake MultiTeach® 6.0, Released

Skellefteå, Sweden, 12 July 2018 – NUITEQ®, the award-winning pioneer in collaborative touchscreen software solutions, announced today the release of Snowflake MultiTeach® 6.0, the Arctic Fox edition of its collaborative solution for fun and interactive classrooms.

ISTE 2018 EdTech Trends with Dr. Edward Tse of NUITEQ - A MarketScale Podcast

Image source: MarketScale We are excited to announce that NUITEQ’s Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, was interviewed on the MarketScale podcast for the episode of This Week in EdTech.