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Scaling Up Active Learning

Teaching is shifting. The old ideas of "teaching by pouring in" or "learning by passive absorption" (John Dewey - "Democracy and Education") are being replaced with a learn by doing approach, or active learning. But what changes do we need to make to scale active learning to hundreds of classrooms...

Teaching With Awesome Educational Content

In the above video, we speak to EdTech Coach and NUITEQ Education Technology Specialist Kelly Adelsberger to learn more about her career in education and the role good educational content plays in the life of students.

Tips For Creating A Successful Educational Video

Many educational videos cover topics that are usually of interest to a small number of people. It does happen though that an educational video will break through the noise, become recommended, and even make it to YouTube's front page.

How Authentic Stories Drive Change

One of the key themes at ISTE 2019 was equity. What are the real-world challenges of equity in Education? And what approaches work best in practice?

How To Encourage More Girls To Pursue STEM Careers

Research demonstrates that women remain underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Although women are equally qualified for STEM careers, there is still a shortage of professional talent as women choose to pursue different careers.

Why Technology Alone Is Not Enough To Change Education

Technology has the potential to quickly scale best practices in teaching to millions of classrooms around the world. Yet many Teachers hesitate to adopt new technologies, especially in schools where they have not had technology before.

Why Your Educational YouTube Videos Need Complimentary Activities

Teachers love using educational videos in their classrooms. The search for learning-related videos gathered over a billion views in 2017, according to YouTube. The need for YouTube educational videos is on the rise; many teachers use YouTube videos at the beginning or end of their classes to...

A Step By Step Guide On How Teachers Can Use NUITEQ Snowflake

In this video, NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, is demonstrating how teachers can use NUITEQ Snowflake in their classroom.

Here's A Tool That Is Helping Teachers Save Lesson Planning Time

    In the above video, Teacher and NUITEQ's Education Technology Specialist, Danielle Maclin, explains how she uses NUITEQ Snowflake to save lesson planning time.