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MultiTeach® and Collaborative Instructional Planning

The following video provides an overview of ways teachers can use Snowflake MultiTeach® for collaborative instructional planning, a method proven by research to result in positive outcomes for students.

Why is collaborative learning important?

Today, we observe a huge growth in classroom technology, and with it, the introduction of new learning methodologies. One example, that edtech encourages, is collaborative learning.

Hands on with MultiTeach® collaborative software and multitouch displays

I’ll be attending the 32nd annual LACUE educational technology conference in New Orleans this week (December 7-9), where I look forward to presenting an interactive presentation featuring Snowflake MultiTeach® collaborative software running on Clear Touch Interactive multi-touch displays.

(Video) Discover the collaborative Media app in Snowflake MultiTeach®

The Media app is one of the apps inside the Snowflake MultiTeach® educational touchscreen software.  The above video demonstrates how digital content can be imported, organized, accessed, and presented within the Media App.

Collaborative technology integration with Snowflake MultiTeach®

In my work as a K-12 Technology Specialist at NUITEQ®, I continually update my knowledge and skills and also explore ways that the Snowflake MultiTeach® can support effective pedagogical practices. In this post, I describe how Snowflake MultiTeach® software can facilitate technology integration...

Collaborative STEM education and careers exploration

If you are an educator or parent of a school-age child, you probably have heard of STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. A goal of STEM instruction is to provide students with access to the skills and experiences they will need to prepare for careers and...