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New NUITEQ Snowflake User Guide released

NUITEQ has released a new, detailed and comprehensive User Guide for the online version of NUITEQ Snowflake, which you can check out here. NUITEQ Snowflake, accessible via Snowflake.live, is an award-winning EdTech software platform of collaborative games, tools and curriculum-aligned educational...

Make up for lost learning time with these 6 tips for hybrid learning

“Hybrid learning can be a best of both worlds, or a worst of both worlds reality,” said Professor Bree Dusseault, University of Washington, Washington, USA “At best, schools can keep students safe. At worst, teachers are forced to cut corners on instruction.” Teacher Surveys by EdWeek showed how...

The Hidden Cost of Active Learning

Thomas Mennella, a flipped classroom active learning university instructor says “I’m tired. I don’t mean end-of-the-semester and need-some-sleep tired. I mean really, weary, bone-deep tired.” He has guest blogged on flipped learning, published articles, and presented at regional and national...