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Engaging Lesson Plan for Texas Teachers

The TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) convention and exposition is coming up this February 4-8 2019, in San Antonio, Texas, USA. TCEA gathers thousands of educators on a mission to discover the knowledge and resources they need to engage students, enhance curriculum, and increase...

International Schools And Why Brands Matter In Education

What do parents look for when picking a school for their kids? Is it a hands-on learning style like Montessori? An established curriculum like the International Baccalaureate? Or maybe it's shared values with the teachers and the administration of the school?

Engage Students With Fun Curriculum-Aligned Content at FETC 2019

Traditionally, January kicks off the EdTech events season, and we’re thrilled to be able to join our US partner, Clear Touch Interactive to the 39th edition of FETC (the Future of Education Technology Conference), that is taking place in Orlando, Florida, US between 27- 30 of January 2019.

Harness The Power Of Video In The Classroom at BETT 2019

It is soon time for the BETT Show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show), one of the world's largest education technology events. At BETT, between 23-26 of January 2019, you have the opportunity to discover innovative EdTech, see practical solutions, share...

Exploring The Future Of Our Cities

While attending ACM ISS 2018 in Tokyo, NUITEQ's Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, interviewed city architect Dan Hill about storytelling and learned more about what our future cities will be like.

A Look At Education in Sweden

In the above video, NUITEQ's Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse, visits three schools in Sweden and speaks with four teachers about what education is like.

Celebrating The Life And Work Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In The Classroom

Dr. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He was a minister and a prominent civil rights activist. His life is celebrated in all 50 states in the US on the third Monday of January of each year.

Inspire Students With This Creativity Month Lesson Plan

January is considered the International Creativity Month. It has been established to remind us of the importance of creativity in our everyday life, our studies, and our work.