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Pictures 5 meter long multi-touch bar for oil and gas giant Total

Below a few more pictures of the 5 meter long multi-touch bar that was developed for Total together with Proscreens, Handscape, Global Digital Media and TOTALs agency/Idea Entrepreneur, Melvær&Lien.

NUITEQ and partners deliver large scale 5 meter long multi-touch bar to Total

NUITEQ launches Snowflake Suite twitter account

You might have been following NUITEQ on Twitter for a while here at, where you can read about NUITEQ's daily operations and my activities in the company. However we have now also launched a Twitter account specifically for Snowflake Suite, where we will be...

NUITEQ featured by Infotech Umea

Yesterday I was interviewed about NUITEQ by Infotech Umea.