Graduated as a Bachelor of Multimedia

August 27, 2007

Today I held my final thesis presentation, about my multi-touch graduation project in Sweden, at the NHL facility in Leeuwarden (Holland). During my graduation project my focus was project management and interaction design.

TouchAPI + TouchLib / OpenTouch

August 18, 2007

Chris Moore one of the co-founders of the NUI Group, released a video of his TouchAPI in Flash + Touchlib.

Microsoft Surface at Siggraph 2007, San Diego, CA

August 13, 2007

Microsoft Surface at Siggraph 2007, San Diego, CA, USA.

Control your TV with hand gestures

August 08, 2007

While researching gestures, I came across the following. Even though certain gestures for specific actions don’t make a lot of sense to me at all, it’s nice to see we get a step closer to a more natural ubiquitous computing environment. They state that a user can learn the gestures in 5 minutes. I...

Apple patents multi-touch gesture dictionary

August 03, 2007

Yesterday I came across several websites posting about an Apple patent regarding a multi-touch gesture dictionary.