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Critical Thinking - The Top Skill All Students Should Develop

Why did Bill Nye say that critical thinking is the most important skill for young people to develop? Who reviews the news and posts that we see every day on social media? And how much social media is ideal for our mental health?

4 Engaging Christmas Lesson Activities For Your Classroom

The season of great joy is back! Christmas is almost here, but school is still in session. And while you're busy getting the last perfect gift, we can help you out making Christmas fun in the classroom.

Bill Nye on Girls' Education, Global Internet and EdTech

  How can we educate in a world where some students don't even have schools to attend?

NUITEQ signs 3 year partnership with Science Center Exploratoriet

The students' knowledge of which professions are available nowadays is insufficient, causing major societal problems. To change this, Science Center Exploratoriet in Skellefteå launches the Labor Market Knowledge (Arbetsmarknadskunskap) initiative.

Motivating Students to Learn in the 21st Century

How do teachers motivate students to learn? In a world where students have the world's information at their fingertips, an educator's role shifts from delivering content to generating that spark of inspiration.

Practical Internship at NUITEQ

In many ways, internships can open doors for new careers. But when you only have an academic background and no experience of what it is like to work in an actual company, you might be missing out.

Educating vulnerable children for a disease-free future

Helping our community grow is our way of giving back. We often sponsor those in need, when the cause is in line with our beliefs. When we learned from our English friend, Theresa, that she was looking for support, to be able to join a volunteer program of the education charity FACE Nepal, we wanted...

Boost Classroom Engagement with NUITEQ Snowflake 7.2

Skellefteå, Sweden, 25 November 2019 – NUITEQ®, a collaborative software company that enables educational institutions to add value through smarter human interaction, announced today the release of version 7.2 of NUITEQ Snowflake

The Avengers of EdTech

The superheroes of EdTech, who impact millions of students from around the world, gathered at the Sahara Tech Showcase 2019 to change education. See what happened, in this video introducing the Avengers of EdTech!