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A teacher’s guide for the Arrange lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®


arrange icon

What it does

Arrange is a lesson type that supports presentation and creation of timelines. Students arrange items, randomly placed at the top and bottom of the screen, in the correct order on a timeline.

The timeline and objects can be moved by dragging on the background, and items can be zoomed in and out by pinching.

A button in the top right corner can be toggled to display which items are correctly placed, via a small checkmark on the item.

Toggling the Hide/Reveal button in the corner menu can move items into their correct position and then back onto the screen.

Good for

  • Recall of sequentially-related facts, such as stages of the butterfly life cycle, the water cycle, physiological systems
  • Visual sequencing
  • Sequential reasoning
  • Sequencing activities of daily living, such as getting dress, folding towels, making a sandwich, etc.
  • Supports self-correction.

Also supports

  • Understanding of broader sequential process across diverse subject areas
  • Life cycles/Circle of Life
  • Stages/phases of growth and development across species
  • Ordering, sequencing of historical events
  • Ordering and sequencing events in a story.

Works well with

In Zones:

  • Presenter
  • Nodes
  • Educational video clips
  • Educational PDFs.

Other lesson types that represent the same or similar educational content/concepts:

  • Cards
  • Match
  • Guess (for content-related vocabulary development and review)
  • Scramble (for content-related vocabulary development and review).


An Arrange lesson type can be easily converted into the following lesson types:

  • Sentences
  • Match
  • Spinner
  • Cards

Find out more

You can learn more about the Arrange lesson type in the Snowflake MultiTeach user manual. Access the dedicated Arrange page here.
Alternatively, check out the Arrange lesson type video and the Using the Arrange lesson type blog.

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