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Our products and support are awesome. But don't take our word for it. See what others have to say about it.

It is very difficult for us teaching 6-8 grade combined, to find lesson plans that we can immediately differentiate with the kids. That's one of the hardest parts of our job. And with NUITEQ Chorus, we solved this problem.

Katie Budinger - Science Teacher
Bridge School, Lowell, Massachusetts (USA)

The one feature that NUITEQ Chorus has that is solving a lot of problems for teachers right now is the ability to differentiate instruction. Teachers can create different lesson activities to help students reinforce concepts that were studied throughout the year. Chorus has also helped teachers who work remotely so that they can work with students on their individualized level. Without Chorus, our students would not be receiving as great of an education as they are now.

Michelle Burke - Technology Coordinator & Instructional Technology Specialist
Madrid-Waddington Central School district (USA)

Through distance learning the Speech/Language special needs students in my district were able to use NUITEQ Chorus to access and create their own lessons as well as explore the platform. Chorus gave me the ability to quickly create and share lessons with ease. Thank you for this amazing product!

Diane Vannucci - Speech/Language Pathologist & Assistive Technology Specialist
Ross Valley School District (USA)

The NUITEQ products are awesome! We are lucky enough to put 10 Interactive touch screens in our school this year, and I just need to spread the word with my teaching staff to share the awesomeness!!

Heather Fellows - School Business Manager
Dines Green Community Primary School (UK)

Students are excited about learning when we use NUITEQ Chorus. It doesn’t matter what I do, or what topic I teach, they’re having so much fun. The best thing about it is they’re learning with interactivity.

Carla Dunder - Special Education Teacher
Balder School (Sweden)

NUITEQ Chorus has allowed me to create and use fun games across all subject areas. Specifically, I use Chorus to create sight word games. My students have no idea that they are learning.

Kristi Ferrise - Teacher
KeySchools (USA)

I love making NUITEQ Chorus lessons for my pre-k class. I like using the lists so we can sort things by subject/topic.

Angel Herring - Kindergarten Teacher
Houston (USA)

I love using NUITEQ Chorus during center rotations. It is an easy way to provide personalized and quick review games for students. As an educator, being able to quickly pull images from the internet or switch up the format of an activity is key. I don’t have time to relearn programs, so having the consistency of Lessons Online and the Lessons app is also very helpful.

Christine Petersen - Digital Learning Specialist
Walton County School District (USA)

I’ve been working with the NUITEQ team and the NUITEQ Chorus software since 2015. It’s done a lot of great things for our business. It’s nice to come in and offer a solution that actually solves problems in today’s environment when it comes to business or when it comes to education. With Chorus, it’s been a win-win every time we come in and demonstrate, show, or train somebody.

Shayna Muirhead - President
NextWaveTEK (USA)

We work a lot with touchscreen solutions; our multitouch table is an open platform, meaning we can add any software. We have chosen NUITEQ Campfire, as the gaming software platform. It’s a perfect software, it suits everyone and you can really enjoy it on a multitouch table. Campfire has 29 different applications and it works very well. We love it, as do our customers.

Karl-Johan Hjertén - Owner
K-IT (Sweden)

In order to do his job, the lawyer must understand the client's goals. The job consists of identifying legal issues by having a dialogue at a distance, not least under great time pressure. NUITEQ Stage is a flexible function, which offers both an interactive workspace and video calls. The function is very adapted to today's demand to work in a modern work environment regardless of industry or original conditions. Hybrid meetings via Stage are an indispensable tool in the performance of our services.

Irina Karlsson - Candidate of Law
Law & Confidence

Teachers who went through the Clear Touch Interactive panel training... are telling the others how awesome the NUITEQ Chorus software is. How easy it is.

Jill Hobson - Chief Technology Officer
Gainesville City Public Schools (USA)

We are excited to showcase the uniqueness of the new portable AIO platforms through the innovative multi-user, multi-touch applications NUITEQ has enabled. The whole family can now easily enjoy a wide selection of entertainment and educational applications from NUITEQ Chorus.

Lisa Graff - VP
Intel (USA)

As a Trainer, I have to communicate with students and trainees. NUITEQ Chorus gave me the ability to quickly create and share my lessons in a more convenient, easier way and more successfully. The entire NUITEQ Professional Development Training is very helpful.

Azad Rahman - Trainer
Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. (Bangladesh)

Education is constantly changing, and NUITEQ Chorus is right there leading the way. We are moving every classroom over to this interactive technology with excitement and great results.

Mark Wilson - Director of Information and Technology Services
Madison County Schools (USA)

Our goal was to find a multitouch software that met our high standard requirements for quality, performance, and stability. At the same time, we wanted to find a solution that gives our customers a high entertainment value. NUITEQ offers today the best solution in the marketplace that is in accordance with our needs.

Sean Liu - Senior Product Manager
Lenovo (China)

I am a representative of the Silesian University of Technology in Poland. At the Faculty of Organization and Management, we have constructed and prepared a new design & innovation laboratory for our students which has been equipped with multi-touch 60" screens and tables. Due to such solution, we have tested the NUITEQ Chorus software, and it turned out revolutionary for our educational purposes. It’s simple, fast and excellent.

Filip Liebert - Assistant & Research Associate
Silesian University of Technology (Poland)

Through our strategic partnership, NUITEQ and Clear Touch have been able to foster ideas that have become market-leading solutions. This unique collaboration has driven transformative change for our customers and redefined the expectations of our market.

Keone Trask - President
Clear Touch Interactive (USA)

I like the ease of use of NUITEQ Stage. People don't want to spend time learning new technology. Stage is browser-based, you don't need a pre-config portal, you don't need to go somewhere to create your identity and then configure your room.

James Temishe - Enterprise Product Specialist
Clevertouch (UK)

NUITEQ is a professional and innovative company to deal and cooperate with. Their software is truly amazing. NUITEQ's team is bright-minded and always positive, very important for us! The Chorus solution is an amazing tool for education which we have adapted and provided to other important sectors for us, such as airports and banks.

Nikos Kontos - CEO
iDiA (Greece)

NUITEQ are at the forefront of development of software for interactive screens. The quality and stability is second to none. The offering of solutions for education and interactive games ensure a truly interactive experience on our interactive tables.

Carl Lindgren - CEO
Manico AB (Sweden)

NUITEQ Stage is a Fabulous product! We use it and our customers love its simplicity; it has no fuss and you can connect immediately. Well done to you all at NUITEQ for producing such a great product.

Enza Nicastro - Business Development Director
Enro AV Limited (UK)

Teachers and tech directors love the software and our Clear Touch Interactive displays as well as the thought process behind the way that NUITEQ Chorus was developed. Thank you for listening to teachers and trainers to continually improve Chorus, which is already the superior software in our industry. It is an honor to work with your team!

Jennifer Hood - Bilingual Implementation Specialist
Clear Touch Interactive (USA)

The NUITEQ Chorus Professional Development Training made me aware of aspects I hadn't explored and helped me to see the potential of Chorus as a complete curriculum aide.

Gareth Middleton - Product Specialist
Clevertouch (UK)

I have been REALLY satisfied with NUITEQ's support. Whenever I have a question about Chorus, the Support Team offers me the best and fastest solution. The precise and quick answers have been beneficial to our company, AVA Vision, which is the distributor of Chorus in Korea. Thanks to NUITEQ, we have offered the best service to our customers.

Joe Eom
AVA Vision (Korea)