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I like the ease of use of NUITEQ Stage. People don't want to spend time learning new technology. Stage is browser-based, you don't need a pre-config portal, you don't need to go somewhere to create your identity and then configure your room.

Clevertouch (UK)

James Temishe - Enterprise Product Specialist

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NUITEQ Stage is a fabulous product! We use it and our customers love its simplicity; it has no fuss and you can connect immediately. Well done to you all at NUITEQ for producing such a great product.

Enro AV Limited (UK)

Enza Nicastro - Business Development Director

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NUITEQ Stage has been the number one tool for me to use for sales. The best thing about Stage is that it reminds me of an actual physical meeting even though it's online. We can still interact in real-time and also see each other through video.

JobOptions (Sweden)

Albin Mannberg - CEO & founder

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NUITEQ Stage is a very powerful platform for communication and collaboration, yet very simple to use. No installation needed, no learning curve, and it fits all types of meetings or distance learning. In short, NUITEQ Stage is brilliant!

Sahara Presentation Systems (Sweden)

Mikael Nilsson - Divisional Director

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We’ve used NUITEQ Stage for a while now for internal meetings and workshops because of the easy and intuitive solutions for interaction. Lately, we started using it for meetings with clients and partners, due to how it enables us to present and explain better than other solutions do.

Adminkit (Norway)

Jan Bredo Pettersen - CMO/CPO & Founder

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Get rid of the pain and frustration of difficult meeting access

Is setting up a meeting painful, frustrating and time consuming? Does downloading and installing apps or plugins, and dealing with complicated firewalls affect your teams productivity?

Stage makes real-time collaboration hassle-free and instant, as it’s supposed to be. Save valuable meeting time now!

Effective meetings anytime, anywhere

Stage is a hassle-free unified communications solution designed for both on-site and distributed teams. Its clean interface and intuitive functionalities constitute a tool that makes collaboration easy and work more efficient.

Stage on laptop


Stage on tablet


Lightweight collaborative workspace with voice and video conferencing

Stage is an infinite collaboration workspace where meeting attendees can annotate, chat, share files, documents and images. With Stage you can use Powerpoints, PDFs, Docs, and pictures. At the same time, peers can make voice and video calls.

No download
Present, brainstorm, discuss, create mind maps and collaborate in 3 easy steps:


enter code

Enter code


Start collaborating


pen and ruller icon
Create mood boards,
concept drawings, design
layouts or wireframes.
productivity icon
Create effective workflows
and help with fast decision
Get instant feedback from
your team or customers.
Brainstorm ideas, create
roadmaps or map out
business plans.
Easily create scheduling and
resource management for
your projects.
Meet anytime & anywhere
Defy space and time: have
meeting with audio, video
and chat.
Take advantage of the
multi-user capability to
organize virtual trainings for
your teams and customers.
Safe, AWS-powered solution: protects your data with cloud-powered security and encryption.

Built in video and voice conferencing

Invite colleagues from remote locations

Support for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, chromebooks, large format interactive displays and projectors.

Accessible from within the browser

Document and file sharing

Save workspaces as PDFs and store them on your computer or to the cloud

Real time shared whiteboarding

Screen sharing capability, display your screen directly on Stage

Find your collaboration workspace safely stored in the cloud. at any time.

Simple and intuitive workspace features such as annotation, writing, drawing, erasing, importing content, including videos and images

Infinite slides

Guest participants don’t need a Stage account to join a collaboration workspace.*

No need to download and install any software or plugins

Find your workspace at any time: collaboration workspaces are stored in the cloud

Move ideas around as Sticky Notes

Scale and zoom content with multitouch gestures

*You need a Stage account to create a collaboration workspace. Contact us at mail@nuiteq.com to setup a Stage account.