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NUITEQ Stage -  a digital collaboration tool to meet, collaborate, and communicate in modern meetings.

With NUITEQ Stage's hosting and security options, we effortlessly meet data protection requirements without compromises. You have the choice to host your data in a European cloud or on-site. Suitable for regulatory industries in Europe such as government agencies and municipalities.




    NUITEQ Stage on laptop


NUITEQ Stage can be purchased either directly from NUITEQ or through our partners. Our software and service are provided both on-premises (on-prem) and in cloud environments (cloud services) and as an operator-based service (managed services).

Depending on the solution chosen, the legal responsibility for the handling of personal data is allocated to different parties in the supply chain.


NUITEQ Stage can be delivered in the following ways:

On-site (On-premise)    
The customer owns and operates their own solution.

Operator-based service (managed services)
The customer purchases their service from one of NUITEQ's solution partners where the solution is operated in a private cloud service.

Regulatory public cloud service
The customer purchases their service from NUITEQ or from NUITEQ's partner where the solution is operated in a public cloud service with built-in regulatory compliance.


  • list_check GDPR compliant
  • list_check Cloud or On Prem
  • list_check All whiteboard features
  • list_check 10 boards


  • list_check All included in Whiteboard plan
  • list_check Max 10 people per call
  • list_check Max 2h call length


  • list_check Cloud, private cloud or On Prem
  • list_check Whiteboard Integrations (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive, Nextcloud etc.)
  • list_check Video conferencing integrations (Jitsi, Zoom etc)
  • list_check Chat integrations (Rocket.Chat)
  • list_check Unlimited boards
  • list_check Up to 8h call length
  • list_check Up to 50 people in a call
  • list_check Branding (White label)
  • list_check Customized templates


Deployment options
You can install NUITEQ Stage in an infrastructure of your choice. Our solution is highly flexible and independent of cloud and storage technologies. We have streamlined the installation process and support all platforms (Windows/Linux/MacOS) that can run a Docker container.

Security and safety
NUITEQ Stage fully meets the security and compliance requirements of enterprise customers.
By having NUITEQ Stage onsite or in the cloud of your choice, you can enforce your security standards. Integrate NUITEQ Stage with your Active Directory groups to easily match security policies and manage licenses.


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