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Lessons Online is the web-based version of the
Snowflake MultiTeach® Lessons App

Kelly Odile Stuart Myrto Lynn Marial

Content made by teachers for teachers.

How can I access the free trial?

The 3S of Lessons Online


Save time scouring the web for content for your next lesson with our ready-made lessons online. A lesson clips the most popular YouTube videos to the most essential parts and includes links to many great resources for your classroom.

Play lessons on a large display, or over student mobile devices in a flipped classroom.


Link multiple lessons together to tell a story that you can play on any device. See your progress and take several lessons and turn them into an activity table using Snowflake MultiTeach.


Send out activities to the whole class list and receive automatically graded lessons to formatively respond at the speed of teaching.

Connect with a community of teachers to share lists of lessons accessible with a simple URL. Receive social feedback to your created activities with likes and comments. Share lessons only within your class using a lesson group that students can contribute to.

Our poll includes bad word filtering for open text answers to minimize class disruptions.

Be part of the MultiTeach Lessons Community

The Lessons Online active learning ecosystem allows teachers to share their lessons on the MultiTeach Lessons Community and use their lessons in tabletop mode or a large interactive display with Snowflake MultiTeach.

Access the MultiTeach Lessons Community, engage with other teachers and create interactive classroom experiences.

Logging into the MultiTeach Lessons Community is easy. Just use the same details as your Lessons Online account.