Collaboration redefined

Snowflake Business


Collaborative multitouch software for corporate meeting rooms

In the digital era, multi-user touchscreen software Snowflake Business gives you collaboration tools that are easy to use and help to improve the way you work.

Captivate your audience by delivering memorable presentations. Reduce decision making time and cost by collaborating more efficiently.

Connect multiple devices. Share information and discuss in real time.

Being effective has never been this easy.


Present connected content in a memorable fashion, using this data visualization tool.

Capture your audience’s attention
in corporate boardrooms and at events, using pictures, videos, PDFs and PowerPoint documents.



Snowflake Business has its own browser that allows you to use the internet directly from within the software. You can safely browse your favourite sites, open PDF files and use Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, YouTube and even the popular collaboration tool Slack.

Pinch and zoom

to focus in on details and mark with them with annotations to stimulate group discussions.




The Media app allows you and your colleagues to
create and give interactive presentations
supported with text, images, videos, audio and other content.

Organize, view, present and explore photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations, audio files and PDF brochures straight from a USB stick, Dropbox, your hard drive or a shared network folder.

Key features

-  Zones multi-user collaboration

-  Whiteboard

-  Snowflake Remote (iOS + Android)

-  3rd party app launcher

-  Support to change text into any language

-  Email, Skype & forum support

-  Phone support

-  TUIO support

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